[a:rpia:r] - A successful story

On the 20th of December, in Kristal Glam Club Bucharest, the three Romanian artists from RPR sound will celebrate the launch of the fifth release of their own label. Even if they didn't celebrate this event, it's a pretty rare occasion to see three of the most representative Romanian artists at work, in one word [a:rpia:r].

In Romania, you can count on your fingers the parties that bind together all the three members of RPR Sound: Rhadoo, Pedro and Raresh. These parties are great, long and rare. The last one was this summer, on 30th August, in La Mania Club in Mamaia; it began at 1 AM and lasted until noon.

The [a:rpia:r] project began in the summer of 2006, when the 3 Romanian Dj-s (Raresh, Pedro and Rhadoo) decided to launch their own label, project which represents a platform at which the 3 could launch their own musical productions. Later on, [a:rpia:r] evolved into something bigger.

Due to the categorical refusal of the three artists to compromise themselves, there were created true stories among them: Rhadoo would be "the brain" and the radical part of the project, Pedro would be the fine, abstract part that needs special attention from the project and Raresh would be the talkative part, the part that connects the project to the public.

We are all equal and we help each other whenever necessary - team work is the key in any activity.
RPR sound are the most likely to talk about the secret ingredients of a successful party, when reffering to techno and house. Each one of them has his own story , each one completes eachother (on his left or right), everyone sees electronic music in a different way and perceives it uniquely from a creative point of view; in all this on the madness' spot, the three djs find a common line to keep them unite and to motivate them to work together - Raresh is often smiling, Pedro is always hiding under a cap, Rhadoo is tall and serious. It's fun, but above all, it's about good music; they aren't very familiar with the term of "joke", they don't take music as child's play and don't beg for rounds aplause from anyone.

They don't make musical compromise - if you don't like their music, you are free to go; there's no problem, there's no offence.
" For all promoters and big clubs' mangers, organizing an [a:rpia:r] party is one of the best deals a club one can make. They still have an acceptable fee, there come as much people as to a gig 10 times more expensive, and this hype comes from a lot angles: good productions, their attitude at the decks, the fact that their parties are very successful, and so on and so forth." Catalin- Sunrise Booking

After the period when the international press helped them become popular and a great hype was created amongst them, RPR are now exactly where they should be. In October, the 3 played in a theater in London, under a CircoLoco Ibiza Reunion party brand. "There were a lot of people, practically there was a queue formed by people at the entrance. We had a great time.", said Rhadoo.

"I don't think that any of us is the boss of the [a:rpia:r] project. We are all equal and we help each other whenever necessary - team work is the key in any activity."- Raresh.

"Not synchronizing sometimes happened when gigging together. I take things as they are. They are part of my work. Improvising is the way we work, maybe this could be the word to define [a:rpia:r]- improvisation. It sometimes happens to suggest a gig line"- Rhadoo

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[a:rpia:r] - A successful story

December 16, 2008 at 11:03 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

You can't talk about [a:rpia:r] if you haven't been to one of their parties- it's useless to make an impression based only from things you've heard. They don't have any secret recipe, but if you try to decipher the alchemy of their gigs, things connect, like a cabalistic and unsolvable 1st impression puzzle. " Along the gigs, a balance is formed... and you can build more intense moments from a track to another.", says Rhadoo.

Even if at 1st sight things look a little accidental, it's not at all like that; each track, each part and each element discretely finds a special place in the whole, and combined with improvisation and experience lead to a personal, special feeling, "quite an experience", as the British would say. But these are defining moments which don't always happen- it's not a regular club night.

"I like to create, throughout construction, a story, depending on what I am feeling at that moment. And the things I feel are unexplainable. I try to see the big picture", says Pedro on freshgoodminimal.ro.

" For me, the best party– when reffering to intensity- was the one on the 1st of May (Sunwaves 3). And that's because after a long period of time, I had the chance to meet a lot of my friends and have fun together.", says Rhadoo.

Musically speaking, the [a:rpia:r] project works after some definite parameters. Without making this a purpose, it represents Romania internationally. "We represent by what we do, and not the electronical musical scene from Romania. I look at this [a:rpia:r] releases as time to time offered update; a sort of what happens in our country, what music is produced, what new artists have appeared."-Rhadoo. Until now, the 3 djs have decided to launch only romanian artists: Dan Andrei, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Demos& Boola, Praslea, El Cezere. When reffering to decisions on what tracks should be launched or not, Rhadoo, which has the attitude of a lot of years of listening to music, can rarely be impressed by new tracks. "I would likle to know... maybe courage would be a criteria; to hear something new, to be surprised."

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