GU Mixed

The DJ who mixed this compilation isn't as important as the music itself. That's why it remained anonymous. The one that didn't remain anonymous is the brand who produced this 3 CD compilation: Global Underground.

If you thought that Global Underground doesn't have anything new to offer, you should take a glimpse on this complete track list of this compilation. And not only that, we would suggest you listen to it.

GU Mixed has two mixed CDs, plus a bonus CD with famous tracks from the '80's and '90's. The first mix has 19 tracks, unreleased until now and is like a trip in the progressive house world. In some places we can also find some tech-house. We discover Danny Tenaglia, Trentemoller, Oliver Koletzki, Daniel Stefanik, but also some other very well known producers like Bent or Unkle. The mix is very melodic with very similar tracks. The electro-house tracks bring some extra energy. It is a good mix, with a good beginning, but sometimes it can become boring.

The second mix begins with the excellent Scottish duo Slam and their track Azzure. We can feel a slight style difference from the first mix. This one is much more tech-house and much more dynamic. The tracks are mixed perfectly and the rhythm grows with every new track. At the middle of the mix we are surprised to find Mexico Can Wait, a track produced by Roland Klinkenberg Feat. DJ Remy. There are some slow and boring parts, but if you skip them, you can enjoy a successful mix, all in all.

GU Mixed


Global Underground




May 14 2007


June 9, 2007 at 7:36 PM CEST


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