Chris Fortier - Remixes EP 1

Fortier's home Fade Records is back with a couple of remixes from Chris himself, ready to hit the shelves in May this year.

The first remix is for Alexi Delano's track Taste It. "This is a favorite remix of mine in my solo career and proud to have been able to work on a remix of an artist like Alexi with such a pedigree," says Chris. Well, after hearing the remix I share Fortier's thoughts, considering this work a heavy dance floor track.

As for the second remix, Chris Fortier created quite a journey through the heavy guitar bass and the bold rhythm. His remix for West, originally produced by Freaky Chakra, is a deep combination between the classic Fortier style and a hard new couple of synths.

"Vinyl is a very important thing to me", says Chris recently. So, this release is going to be released on vinyl, as the remixes that Chris Fortier did recently had not made it onto vinyl; he decided to release it on his own imprint, Fade.

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Chris Fortier - Remixes EP 1


Fade Records




May 2007


April 19, 2007 at 1:58 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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