Phonique - Good Idea

Phonique is Michael Vater, an artist who, at the end of the '90 started to become more and more famous. It is said that this new album is meant to bring many changes in Phonique's career and that it sometimes breaks the musical trends.

Phonique is especially known for his minimal techno and deep house sets. But, his productions don't sound at all similar to what we were used to hear. We are now talking about an impressive suite of house, funky and deep. We start with some warm and sweet electro and end with and excellent house for listening on the beach or in the evening. We even find lounge combined with pop, and even some hip hop and flamenco. There aren't to many tracks suitable for listening in the club. Maybe the artist tried to produce music for a more intimate atmosphere.

Phonique's album has two CDs. The first has 14 unmixed tracks, made by Phonique in collaboration with different artists. The second CD is a bonus mix, in a limited edition, where Phonique shows his abilities as a DJ. We will talk more about the first CD.

Always Wanted is a special combination between house and bass electro, plus Richard Davis' voice. It is a warm and complex track for the lounge area. We continue with Rio Nights, composed together with Ruben. A decent track and full of life, although the tempo is very slow. It brings out a lot of energy and good taste, especially thanks to the voice full of effects. Casualties has the same style as the first one, but the rhythm and the melody are very different. Lowfi Moods is a radical change, different from you have listened before. It is an electro track, soulless and very cold. After listening Lovely Morning which is as electro as the previous tracks, we find a more mature and slower sound. A exquisite combination between down tempo and electronic music, but slow and using cold live instruments. Here we find Work It Out and Thinking Of You.

Phonique - Good Idea






May 7 2007


April 16, 2007 at 4:57 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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