Global Underground presents Afterhours 3

The series of compilations Afterhours continues with its third volume. Three CDs, three atmospheres, three different mixes. As it can be noticed, Afterhours has became not only a party concept, but also a music concept.

The first CD is called Organic. it is nothing more than a fine selection of soul, lounge music, ambient and sweet. If you take a glimpse on the track list, there is nothing that would attract your attention. But that's ok, press play! In the first part of the mix we can listen some down tempo from The Cinematic Orchestra, L Pierre and Kraak & Smaak, but in the second part there is a sweet jazzy and funky house. Here we can listen Mike Monday, Stereotyp. In no time the mix comes back to the tempo from the beginning. The first mix is one full of hypnotic sounds, packed melodic lines and ambient. It is for sure a good mix to listen in a bar.

The second mix called Electronic has more breaks than down tempo, but it has almost the same tonality. From breaks the mix goes to house combined with electro and progressive. We start with Carl Craig, one of the world's techno legends. On this second mix, there are many well known names like Cerrone, Voltique, Solar, Swoop, Kevin Swain, Trafik and many others. Practically there are 19 tracks stuck together in 78 minutes of continuous music. The musical change is obvious. It is more full of energy, more danceable.

Global Underground presents Afterhours 3


Global Underground




February 2007


March 18, 2007 at 5:46 PM CET


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