Christian Smith - Finca Dofi

Christian Smith started to become one of the freshest guys from the techno/electro international scene. Regarded as a hard worker producer and an excellent DJ, Smith will hit the listeners' fancy with the brand new 'Finca Dofi' EP released on his own Tronic music print.

The remix comes from Alexi Delano, a very good producer who knows how to assemble electro with techno and makes it sounds minimal. His remix for this track is even better from the original, if we pay attention to the groove arrangements and the bass lines. It's just as energetic as it needs to take the listener to the dance floor. For sure a peak time track.

As for the original mix, Christian made a good electro-techno filled up with energy and an intensity hard to resist. With a few breakdowns, this track is perfect if you're looking for a main set tune. Just imagine how it will rock the dance floor!

Smith did it once again. After his recent mix compilation for Expozicija, this fresh EP catches the attention and makes the people to like this guy even more. And as the artist says himself, this is a "super funky shuffled house that rocks every floor!"

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Christian Smith - Finca Dofi


Tronic Music




March 2007


March 18, 2007 at 5:06 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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